…This is how a client introduced us in his company-newspaper:


The Consultancy: Drift

In selecting Drift Consulting as the external partner for the optimisation process, we made the conscious decision to focus on the expert qualifications of our own people. In so doing, a consultancy was chosen that did not take control of the content work. Drift clearly differentiates between 2 levels:
working out problem solutions (content level) and
managing the solution route (method/proceeding)
and gets involved mainly on the second level.

  • We count on the internal expertise and the company`s human resources and tap into unused organizational
  • We surface and activate the inherent networking potentials of firms and organizations
  • We rely on systematic self-organization
  • Following through a clearly structured change-rationale, we support simultaneously the management in its very
  • We stay the course till results become effective

Companies are social systems
that´s our understanding

The Drift consultants

have successfully worked on similar change processes in different reputable companies and already contributed to an improvement of the re-orientation at other locations of our group, both domestic and foreign.