Whether we speak of a take-over, a merger or another form of integration - acting quickly is paramount in any case! Often though need of discretion and confidentiality add to this challenge, making the necessary open internal communication and transparency impossible.

Without sustainable cultural integration, achievable only by means of large-scale involvement of key-persons, the whole undertaking is under risk – a predicament?

Speedy rearrangements have to be combined with synergy creating and enduring solutions! WaVe has proved as a working action-framework for complex tasks. When it comes to integration-business - WaVe is the strategy of choices.


  • Decision- and leadership structures are quickly at hand
  • Performers stick to the company.
  • Employees change-expectations are ready for use – immediately
  • Insecurity is receding – fast
  • Quick wins of the fusion are secured – quickly
  • Energies are refocused to markets and clients – not only some time in the future
  • People strike an enduring psychological contract with the firm
  • The spirit of the merger-project is experienced and welcomed as the core of a new common culture
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