We consider "leadership-development" as the first of five focuses which describe the development-cycle. Every company advanced as it may be is confronted with these challenges periodically.

Leadership-development means first and for all the development of functioning leadership-teams on all levels of responsibility.

At this point you define together with your colleagues and based on the market-requests the leadership-instruments and the the guiding leadership-principles. You establish further the structure for target-setting and implementation of measures within the firm. 

It´s about an indepth inquiry that leads to a joint understanding and volition. Efficient leadership development is equivalent with a clear and agreed upon commitment of all those being part of this process across all levels.

Leadership-Development – It is this process company cultures are molded by indelibly.


  • Those in charge on the different organizational levels are grown together and perform as teams
  • Roles and responsibilities are understood and aligned
  • Expectations are clarified
  • Communication-rules are agreed upon
  • Meeting-structures are defined
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